Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fit photos of the Ouroboros Bag

Materials: Finnish Laplandic Reindeer leather (undyed)
Hardware: Excella YKK
Construction: Stitching, finish and dye process entirely by hand.
Number: 1/1

I originally set out to create a sling bag, which would be shaped in a way that hugged the hip and seamlessly wrapped around the body. The irregular shape was formed to be a pyramid of sorts. The user can access the main and inner compartment from the exterior YKK Excella zipper, which runs along the top portion of the bag. The bag is designed specifically to take on new shape over time with use, hence the name “Ouroboros” (which stands for a cycle of constant re-creation). The reindeer leather is very pliable, and will take new form with use. The dye process also took to the leather irregularly changing the color. Big Thanks to _Flux for modeling the bag!

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  1. Everything is amazing!!! The textures you create are beautiful!!!! Would you ever sell any of your beautiful pieces?

    -Zack zacksawesome@gmail.com